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Year 2007

JN : Clin Genet. 2007 Mar;71(3):280-4.
TI : Expanding the phenotypic spectrum of Caffey disease.
AU : Suphapeetiporn K, Tongkobpetch S, Mahayosnond A, Shotelersuk V.
EN-AB: Infantile cortical hyperostosis (ICH) is an inherited disorder characterized by hyperirritability, acute inflammation of soft tissues, and massive subperiosteal new bone formation. It typically appears in early infancy and is considered a benign self-limiting disease. We report a three-generation Thai family with ICH, the oldest being a 75-year-old man. A heterozygous mutation for a 3040C-->T in exon 41 of COL1A1 was found in affected individuals, further confirming the autosomal dominance of Caffey disease that is caused by this particular mutation. The novel findings in our studies include short stature and persistent bony deformities in the elderly. The height mean Z-score of the five affected individuals was -1.75, compared to 0.53 of the other seven unaffected individuals giving a p-value of 0.008. Short stature may be partly due to progressive height loss from scoliosis, compression fractures of the spine and genu varus. These features, which have not previously been described, expand the phenotypic spectrum of the Caffey disease. (NO 17309652)

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Year 2005

JN : J Med Assoc Thai. 2005 Sep;88 Suppl 4:S116-8.
TI : Capacity of the unused bladder in end stage renal disease.
AU : Mahayosnond A, Nilpetchploy S.
EN-AB: OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the bladder capacity in patients diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD). MATERIAL AND METHOD: A six-month prospective study was conducted at the outpatient X-ray unit, Department of Radiology, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital from July 2002 to January 2003. Datas from adult patients sent to the unit for voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) were collected. Bladder capacity was obtained by calculating the amount of contrast material introduced into the urinary bladder in each VCUG. The urinary bladder was assumed to be at the maximum capacity when the patient had a strong desire to void during contrast instillation. Patients with voiding dysfunction or neurogenic bladder were excluded from the present study. RESULTS: There were 11 patients with ESRD (male=7, female=4, mean age=41 years) and 7 patients without ESRD (male=1, female=6, mean age=41 years). The maximum bladder capacity was 400 ml for the ESRD patients and 500 ml for the non-ESRD patients. The smallest bladder capacity was 100 ml for the ESRD patients and 250 ml for the non-ESRD patients. The mean bladder capacity was 254.5 ml (+/-SD) for the patients with ESRD and was 364.28 ml for the patients without ESRD. The P-value was 0.043. In conclusion, the mean bladder capcity of the patients with ESRD was statistically smaller than that of patients without ESRD. (NO 16623014)

JN : J Pediatr Surg. 2005 Sep;40(9):e21-3.
TI : Gastric volvulus caused by percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: a case report.
AU : Sookpotarom P, Vejchapipat P, Chongsrisawat V, Mahayosnond A.
EN-AB: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy is commonly performed for enteric feeding in children with neurologic impairment because of its low rates of complication. We report a case of gastric volvulus, an unusual complication, after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy procedure in our institution. (NO 16150328)

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Year 2004

JN : Pediatr Surg Int. 2004 Oct;20(10):811-2.
TI : Spontaneous choledochal cyst rupture in a child.
AU : Chongsrisawat V, Roekwibunsi S, Mahayosnond A, Kingpetch K, Poovorawan Y. (NO 15503061)

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Year 2003

JN : J Med Assoc Thai. 2003 Jun;86 Suppl 2:S318-22.
TI : Extravasation of the contrast in the unused urinary bladder.
AU : Mahayosnond A, Pantongrag-Brown L, O'Charoen P. (NO 12930005)

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Year 2002

AU : Vasinonta D, Mahayosnond A.
TI : ภาวะเด็กถูกทำร้ายที่มาแสดงด้วยอาการของ chylothorax และ chylousascites
JN : Chula Med J 2002 Jan ; 46 (1) : 57-64 (NO 07575)

AU : Piyavisetpat N, Mahayosnand A, Wangsuphachart S.
TI : Hysterosalpingographic accuracy of peritubal adhesion.
JN : J Med Assoc Thai 2002 Jun ; 85 (Suppl 1) : S210-S216 (NO 07669)

AU : Trinavarat P, Mahayosnond A.
TI : Bridging bronchus : observation of abnormal course of right lower lobe bronchus from chest radiograph and 3D reformation helical CT image.
JN : Chula Med J = จุฬาลงกรณ์เวชสาร 2002 Jul ; 46 (7) : 563-570 (NO 07875)

AU : Vasinonta D, Mahayosnond A.
TI : Child abuse presenting as chylothorax and chylous ascites : a case report.
JN : Chula Med J 2002 Jan ; 46 (1) : 57-64 (NO 08002)

AU : Sosothikul D, Nuchprayoon I, Mahayosnond A, Wannakrairot P, Seksarn P.
TI : Massive thymic hyperplasia mimicking lymphoma : a case report and review of literature.
JN : ว.โลหิตวิทยาและเวชศาสตร์บริการโลหิต = Thai J Hematol Transf Med 2002 Oct-Dec ; 12 (4) : 301-307 (NO 08224)

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Year 2001

AU : Mahayosnond A, Sangthammarat C, Roekwibunsi S.
TI : Isolated rupture of extrahepatic bile duct following blunt abdominal truama.
JN : Chula Med J 2001 Sep ; 45 (9) : 795-801 (NO 06831)

AU : อัจฉรา มหายศนันท์, สุดี ชมเดช.
TI : Pediatric chest x-ray.
BK : Pediatric pulmonary & respiratory care : a current practice เล่ม 1โดย: อรุณวรรณ พฤทธิพันธุ์: ชมรมโรคระบบหายใจและเวชบำบัดวิกฤตเด็กแห่งประเทศไทย, 2001 : 76-90 (NO 07576)

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