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Under-graduate educational program
Post-graduate educational programs

At Radiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, we provide both under-graduate and post-graduate educational programs.

Under-graduate educational program

Under-graduate program is a part of 6-year medical student studying program. Medical student will take a 4-week rotation to radiology department on their 5th year. During this 4 weeks in Radiology, they will take an intradepartment sub-rotation, 2 weeks in diagnostic radiology, 1 week in radiation oncology and 1 week in nuclear medicine. At the end of 4-week rotation, they will have to take an examination before their departure.

Course Syllabus

The new under-graduate education program is, however, under the process of development. The studying and teaching method will completely change hopefully to improve the students' learning efficacy.

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Post-graduate educational programs

There are various post-graduate programs including Graduate Diploma (residency program), Master of Science and Fellowship programs.

Graduate Diploma program

These programs are previously called residency programs. There are 3 separate Graduate Diploma programs i.e.

  1. Higher Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program in Radiology (Course description): which is sub-divided into
  2. Higher Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program in Radiation Oncology (Course description)
  3. Higher Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program in Nuclear Medicine (Course description)
All programs are 3-year courses. The first year schedule will be the same for all programs (first year course description). Residents will have the opportunity to work in all 3 divisions to get their basic knowedge in general radiology and radiation biology. After finish this first year, residents have to take and pass an examination to continue their education. If they pass the exam the "Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program in Radiology" will be granted. Then in their second and third years, they will concentrate in their major field. Only residents in general radiology program will take rotation in all 3 divisions during their second and third years. After three years, final examination will take place and the "Higher Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program in ... " will then be granted.

Master of science program

The "Master of Science Program in Medical Imaging", a 2-year course, is designed for those students who, upon completing their M.Sc. Degree, wish to prepare themselves for an eventual work in the field of diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and other subspecialties such as neuroradiology or nuclear cardiology. To help them understand the rapid development in imaging technology such as digital radiology (DR), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonant imaging (MRI), SPECT and PET, among others. The students will be exposed to basic as well as advanced principles of imaging sciences from both technological and clinical perspectives. The knowledge acquired in this particular program will place the graduate in an advantageous position as compared to his/her peer, not only during the residency tenure but also during the preparation for the required examination as a medical imaging specialty. (Course description)
Currently this course is conducted in Thai and for Thai students only.

Fellowship programs

We also provide two-year fellowship programs to those who would like to freshen up their knowledge. There are 5 different fellowship programs i.e.

  1. Neuroimaging
  2. Body imaging
  3. Neurointervention
  4. Body intervention
Applicant qualification :

Application and training detail
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For Graduate Diploma (residency training) and Fellowship training program please contact at Svasti-Lom Building ground floor, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok
Tel : 02-256-4417-8 or e-mail to :

For Master of Science Program in Medical Imaging please contact Asso. Prof. Dr. Anchali KRISANACHINDA
Tel : 02-256-4283-4 or e-mail to :

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