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Division of Diagnostic Radiology

Professor Khun Tawan Surawongse Bunnag was the first radiologist in Thailand who introduced the technique of gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, spot film Radiograph, as well as oral and intravenous cholecystography. Later on, many new equipments were installed, such as tomographic and angiographic units as well as image intensifier. Diagnostic radiology has expanded its capabilities rapidly. Mammography, lymphangiography and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) were included in the routine radiologic service.
Professor Khun Tawan Surawongse Bunnag,
the first chief of department of radiology.

Ultrasonography was first started in 1980 and a year later the first computed tomography (CT scan) was installed. At this time, interventional radiology, such as percutaneous transheaptic bilary drainage (PTBD), was introduced, increasing the capacity of the department. In 1992, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit was deployed in the new building replacing the old building of "Apantreepacha", designed for this special purpose.
"Apantreepacha" building, the first site of department of radiology

Later on, digital mammography with mammotome and computed radiography were added on to the spectrum of high technology equipments. At present time, diagnostic and interventional radiology have progressed immensely using all kinds of up-to-date imaging modalities, to effectively service and providing medical education to the large-sized, university-based Chulalongkorn Medical Center.

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